Revenite Range

Screen clients without wasting time! Revenite Range saves you time by automating the screening process so that you can keep working with your current clients.

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Your time is valuable, let us help.

Accurate Results

We use artificial intelligence to precisely calculate range of motion metrics.

Easy to Diagnose

Assessment results are accumulated into a PDF document that includes range of motion data, pictures, pain levels, and client notes.

Access Anywhere

Our app allows clients to be screened anytime, anywhere.

Our Assessments

    Knee Flexion
    Knee Extension
    Hip Extension
    Hip Flexion
    Shoulder Abduction
    Shoulder Flexion
    Shoulder Extension
    Shoulder External Rotation

How It Works


Sign Up & Download

Send a patient this link to sign up and download the app.


Choose Assessments

Inform your patients which assessments you would like them to do.


Assess the Results

Have your patients send over their assessment report via text or email for you to analyze

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