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Revolutionizing Movement Analysis with AI-Powered Precision

  • Empower your practice, reduce workplace injuries, enhance athlete movement, with real-time biomechanical insights
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Empowering Movement Health with Cutting-Edge AI

Accurate, efficient, and comprehensive analysis;
all from your mobile device


Streamline patient care & increase revenue

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Reduce employee injuries &
save money

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Reduce athlete injuries &
track return-to-play

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How we help

If you can take a picture, you can use our software

  • Analyze movement in real-time
  • Identify injury prone body regions; track injury progress
  • Create personalized exercise programs
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Revenite.AI software system

Real success stories from our clients.

“Before using Revenite.AI, athlete screenings were daunting and teadious to sift through what the data means. Now I can quickly screen athletes and give them proactive programs.”

Chad Powlovich

Trainer @ St. Anne's-Belfield

“I use Revenite.AI for my athletes and wellness clients to set objective baseline data and generate movement health programs. Athletes LOVE the innovative technology.”

Erik Bonn

ATC @ Fusion PT

"Revenite.AI makes patient evaluations more efficient and easy to compare results between sessions. The patient population dashboard is extremely helpful when marketing outcomes to orthopods.”

Cory Merva

DPT @ Ivy Rehab

“Super quick and easy to use, plus interesting to patients. Particularly helpful for tracking ROM where the nature of the injury makes using a regular goniometer inconsistent."

Suzan Red

Physical Therapist

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