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Analyze recovery outcomes in real-time

  • Sensorless motion capture analysis
  • Generate HEPs & documentation via AI
  • Advanced outcomes tracking
Physical therapist performing a assessment with an iPad.


Effortlessly track outcomes & improve efficiency

Improve efficiency and consistency.

Efficient evaluations performed consistently across providers so you can spend more time with the patient.

Physical therapist using to show assessment results to a patient.

Capture objective data on the go.

Don't travel with extra equipment; our software puts measurement tools right in your pocket and automatically stores and documents the data for you.

Using during a home health visit.

Powering personalized, efficient care in workers' compensation.

With the power to effortlessly track pain levels, range of motion, and functional movement patterns, our platform aids in the delivery of highly personalized treatment plans, tailored to each patient's unique goals. Our system facilitates swift and seamless communication between clinicians and case managers, thereby minimizing overutilization of services while maintaining a high standard of patient care.

Worker holding his knee in pain.

Expand your reach.

Conveniently track objective outcomes for patients at home or on the go via our remote assessments.

Remote range of motion screening.

Real success stories from our clients.

“I use for my athlete screenings on a pre-season, mid-season, and post-season basis. I can screen all of my athletes and give them the AI movement programs in under an hour."

Victoria Re

ATC @ Villanova University

“Before using, athlete screenings were daunting and teadious to sift through what the data means. Now I can quickly screen athletes and give them proactive programs.”

Chad Powlovich

Trainer @ St. Anne's-Belfield

“I use for my athletes and wellness clients to set objective baseline data and generate movement health programs. Athletes LOVE the innovative technology.”

Erik Bonn

ATC @ Fusion PT

“ makes patient evaluations more efficient and easy to compare results between sessions. The patient population dashboard is extremely helpful when marketing outcomes to orthopods.”

Cory Merva

DPT @ Ivy Rehab

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