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Date: 1/11/2023, an innovative movement health startup, is excited to announce a collaborative partnership with Radford University Carilion (RUC), a respected institution in the field of health sciences. This collaboration aims to validate the accuracy and efficacy of's movement health evaluations powered by artificial intelligence and computer vision technology.

The partnership will see RUC conducting a series of validation studies to ensure's technology meets high standards of accuracy and reliability. This collaboration will contribute to the ongoing development and refinement of's solutions, positioning the company as a promising player in the field of movement health.

"We are thrilled to partner with Radford University Carilion," said Joe Robertson, CEO and Founder of "This collaboration represents a significant step towards our mission of transforming movement health via AI."

RUC's faculty and researchers will provide valuable insights, enabling to further develop and fine-tune its technology. Additionally, the partnership will create opportunities for RUC students to work with cutting-edge AI-driven technologies.

This partnership paves the way for more accessible, accurate, and efficient movement health evaluations, with implications for sports performance, injury prevention, and physical rehabilitation.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting collaboration and the advancements it brings to movement health evaluations.

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Real success stories from our clients.

“Before using, athlete screenings were daunting and teadious to sift through what the data means. Now I can quickly screen athletes and give them proactive programs.”

Chad Powlovich

Trainer @ St. Anne's-Belfield

“I use for my athletes and wellness clients to set objective baseline data and generate movement health programs. Athletes LOVE the innovative technology.”

Erik Bonn

ATC @ Fusion PT

“ makes patient evaluations more efficient and easy to compare results between sessions. The patient population dashboard is extremely helpful when marketing outcomes to orthopods.”

Cory Merva

DPT @ Ivy Rehab

“Super quick and easy to use, plus interesting to patients. Particularly helpful for tracking ROM where the nature of the injury makes using a regular goniometer inconsistent."

Suzan Red

Physical Therapist

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